Pinterest tpt freebies

Pinterest tpt freebies

Pinterest tpt freebies

See full episodes, previews, television schedules, information, events and find out how you can support TPT??? Twin Cities PBS. The Transfiguration - After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James and John the brother of James, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. Reader 4: Lets not even mention what happened to Snow Mountain, or whats left of. What is the climax of a story?

6 Pinterest Secrets Every Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Needs to Know

Your content could be magazine-worthy and your products could be genius, but getting people to your site is harder than you ever imagined it would be. Whew do I feel your pain! It s exhausting and leaving you less time to write, interact with your community, or even spend time with those who matter to you. You get confused by the conflicting recommendations regarding Pinterest strategies. Are you supposed to delete pins, join a bunch of group boards, and schedule pins?

And just how much should you be pinning your content anyway? I know it s easy to waste hours trying to figure out a strategy! And you re hoping that Pinterest is the answer. You built it and they DO come. From Pinterest. And loving what they see. You finally see what the fuss was about with Pinterest. Your traffic is growing every month and you know how to capture seasonal moments for big spikes in traffic. You can spend that extra time writing more kick-booty content, interacting with your community, or spending quality time with those who matter to you.

No more overthinking and second guessing. Yep, with a step-by-step system in place and some knowledge about how Pinterest REALLY works, you re finally gonna flip it and reverse it … sorry I quote music a lot. So many bloggers and biz owners either ignore Pinterest entirely because they don t understand how it can work for them or treat it like a social media platform. Well, I ve got news for you: Pinterest is a search engine.

Pinterest doesn t work like a social media platform; it works like a discovery tool. Whereas typical social media platforms are all about sharing your past or present what you ate today, what you re doing now, and so on , Pinterest is about your future state. Think of Pinterest as not just a search engine, but a search engine that helps you discover ideas, inspiration, and advice for something you want to do, try, or buy in the future.

Even if that future is a few minutes from now. You want a chunk of the millions of people searching on Pinterest to discover YOUR content and promptly click over to your site. You can make that happen with a little Pinning Perfect in your pocket. I did that for the alliteration. In addition, we have technical tutorials for both WordPress and Blogger users so you get step-by-step instruction along the way. With this information, you ll be able to jump right into the course and start working on the things that will start sending you Pinterest traffic.

Learn once and for all how to write epic pin descriptions that result in people coming to your website. If there ever was a part of Pinterest to master, this is it. Oh my have boards changed! Get the inside scoop on boards and what you need to worry about for traffic-driving success. So make it easy for them. There are a few simple ways that you can quickly and easily create content that will do well on Pinterest, even if you are not an expert in the topic you re writing about.

We ll cover them! Everything you do in the course leads up to this: Find out how many pins a day you should be pinning hint: This module covers Tailwind, Tailwind Tribes, and special pinning groups. Take charge with those analytics! Plus we show you how to install a cool dashboard and report in Google Analytics to get the most important insights in just a click. We are SO excited about offering these to you. There are pin templates for images plus a few templates for those offering freebies on their website.

You also receive a design kit to guide you through using the templates. This will save you so much time! This is for new students who ve never signed up for a referral before with Tailwind. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced bloggers who want more traffic so they can grow their email list, sell more product, or command higher rates when working with brands. Even seasoned bloggers who use Pinterest for business have seen boosts in traffic once they learned these proven strategies.

Shop owners who also have blogs that tie into their shops. Many of them with ONLY a shop have been successful too, but the MOST successful ones also have blogs where they provide their target audience with valuable content. Virtual assistants or social media managers for influencers. Give your clients a traffic boost by learning tried-and-true Pinterest strategies.

You ll help them grow their audiences, boost their income, and generally find you indispensable. Bloggers and biz owners who aren t sure if Pinterest works for their niche. If you re starting to wonder if Pinterest works just for people who blog about crafts, foods, and home decor, wonder no more. In fact, in the course we cover ways to turn your existing and new content into something click-worthy, all while staying true to your passion.

Keep saving those recipes, crafts, and other great ideas. You just don t need a strategy for it. And it can take months to see big results. You WILL see them with this course. But not tomorrow. Through detailed lessons and videos, you ll be pretty dang giddy about what Pinterest can do. We don t limit the enrollment to just certain times of the year.

You can purchase anytime you d like and start learning the traffic-driving strategies right away. How Does the Course Work? Go through them as slow or fast as you d like. You can mark lessons complete too so it s easy to keep track at where you are in the course content. In addition, every month Anna will hold office hours via Facebook Live in the course Facebook group.

That s your chance to ask questions, get feedback, and more in a live setting. Yep, all course updates too. Even if you don t have these things, you can still sign up! But just know we don t cover these within the course. No, we prefer to show how you can grow using organic strategies, especially since you re already paying for the course! Pinterest is always changing. Does the course get updated?

Yep, Anna and I update it every six months, plus any minor changes get discussed within the group in between! And students get lifetime access to any updates as well. If you take the entire course, implement the strategies, and still don t get results, you can contact me within 30 days of purchase and I ll give you a full refund.

Proof of work needs to be shown AND you cannot have downloaded all the bonuses. Well, you can string together a bunch of people s strategies and give it a shot, but here s the thing. We see it daily, especially in Facebook groups. From deleting pins the worst to thinking more followers equals more traffic, the inaccurate information out there on the interwebs is terrible. Since I work directly with Pinterest for my day job, I get the truths to the myths and always make sure you re in the know.

Pinning Perfect is continually updated with the latest best practices and strategies so you don t have to guess if that article you re reading is really going to help you grow. If you re getting even the least bit excited about right now, then come join us! I made a silly seal for ya, but the sentiment is real. A refund will not be given for people who have downloaded all our handouts and bonuses. Anna is a kick-booty influencer and social media consultant that is using Pinterest to drive traffic to her website and help brands meet their goals.

She thought about quitting, but instead spent countless hours developing a powerful Pinterest strategy to help her meet her goals. Now, she spends about an hour a week on Pinterest, makes six figures on sponsored posts alone, makes more in ad revenue than she did in her first two jobs out of college and still has time to teach this course, do consulting work and — you know — spend time with her family and friends.

They give us the low-down on Pinterest myths and upcoming changes. Enroll now for instant access to all 9 modules and a "room" full of fellow students in our Facebook group. We re ready to show you behind the curtain so you can grow your traffic AND your audience through the looks-like-magic-but-it s-more-like-strategy power of Pinterest. Support Sign In. Let me guess. Does any of these sound like you? Is your head nodding yet? Thought so. Lucky for you, it is. Instead of time-wasting, picture this happening

So, You Want To Open A TpT Store?

Your content could be magazine-worthy and your products could be genius, but getting people to your site is harder than you ever imagined it would be. Whew do I feel your pain! It s exhausting and leaving you less time to write, interact with your community, or even spend time with those who matter to you. You get confused by the conflicting recommendations regarding Pinterest strategies. Are you supposed to delete pins, join a bunch of group boards, and schedule pins? And just how much should you be pinning your content anyway?

Develop new product for hands on learning. Explore the amazing collection here, with new resources and courses added constantly to broaden the reaches of the Crash Course experience.

Who knew counting and sorting could be so much FUN! They get SO excited when I bring out a new counting stew to match our learning theme. Read More. It s time for a fairy tales theme so bring on all the princess, princes, castles, jewels, bears, billy goats, giants, golden eggs, and dragons! There are endless fairy tale books you can use which means endless learning activities you can plan.

How To Market Your TpT Products on Pinterest (Without Wasting Your Time)

If you plan on teaching your class about the solar system this year, you will love all of these solar system activities and ideas for your classroom! My brother and dad would frequently watch rocket launches and we even visited the Kennedy Space My son is currently obsessed with all things dinosaur, so I thought I d get ahead of the game this year unlike every other year and make some Dinosaur Valentine cards for him to take to his preschool class. Now I want to share them with you! You can download these cards for free by subscribing to my free These colored pencil name tags or bookmarks checked both of those boxes for me and I have to share them with you! They are really easy to cut out and if you choose to

Labor Day for Kindergarten (Preschool and First too!)

Showing posts with label Freebie Alert. Show all posts. Print and Go Games for St. Patrick s Day! Once I was working with a young boy let s call him "M" who communicated using PECS, and after much practice, I was so happy that he was making some progress with his symbol discrimination skills. The next session with him, I had a student observer and sat at the table in a different position relative to him. With me in a different seat, we were back to ground zero. That was a learning moment for me. Once an ASD student learns a skill in one context, keep applying that skill in as many different ways as possible and review, review, review! Why teach just the vocabulary for that day, which is used once a year, when you can have fun with the theme and review more functional language?

Spring Fever Giveaway! Win a $ TpT Gift Card!

But Labor Day, what do you say without getting into a big old Community helpers unit? And so here are some ideas for Labor Day for Kindergarten that are quick, easy, and relatable for your little people. There is a freebie too all the way at the bottom. We all have a ton of books on community helpers, but here are two newer ones you may not have seen. These books can be ordered using Amazon or you can see if your school or local library carries them. Clothesline Clothes for Jobs People Do. This book is perfect for talking about careers.

Pics for you evety day

Hi, friends! I m here today teaming up with my friend Elyse from Proud to be Primary for a little bit of teacher talk regarding alphabet … [Read More All I can say is WOW! This week seriously flew by, and it was amazing! I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching to share my first week of school fun … [Read More I hope this post finds you well rested and rejuvenated for a new school year! Whether you have already been busy prepping your … [Read More One of my all time favorite tools that I use for creating fun things for my classroom is my Silhouette Cameo, and I m so excited to … [Read More I know it s been awhile since I ve blogged over here on my own blog, and I feel terribly bad about that! March was a killer


Merton finished the book in at the age of 31, five years after entering Gethsemani Abbey near Bardstown, Kentucky. Rising Action. Teachers Pay Teachers?? Our blank Story Mountain graphic organiser has become super popular over the years. PART A. Student pairs can work together to make an array of math mountain ice cream cones?? Twin Cities PBS. The Simple Pin Story and 54 other Success is built on a mountain of failures. May 1, Using the story mountain or story arc, writers develop the plot and action from this series into a freebie glossary available on my TpT store!

O verworked and underpaid. Between working tirelessly to create new lesson plans and classroom resources to meet the ever evolving needs of education, our teachers have jam packed schedules.

How to Use Group Boards on Pinterest to Market TpT Products

I repeat — Pinterest is a great way to get your amazing content into the universe! An awesome feature of Pinterest are group or collaborative boards. A group board is a board on Pinterest where multiple collaborators can contribute pins to the same board. Group boards can consist of a few people or a ton of people. The more people, the more exposure to your pins and ultimately your products on TpT. One way to find group boards within your niche is through Pingroupie. Here, you put in your category I put in education and then you can search terms that are in the board title such as TpT. When I search these terms, TpT boards show up! From there, you hover over the description to see what the board is exactly about and the rules for the specific board. Most of the descriptions include an email for the creator of the board where you can email to join or just simply write them a message through Pinterest! Another way to join is to browse your favorite accounts on Pinterest and see if they belong to any group boards.

In addition to being a fellow teacher here on TeachersPayTeachers. If you re just getting started with Pinterest or still not sure how everything works, I d like to help. I ll meet you on the phone or on Skype for a free one-hour support call to start, and be there through email whenever you have a question. Email at help trafficwonker. You schedule everything one time and then never have to touch it again! Also, their customer service has been wonderful, and Andy, the creator of the website, has taken the time to personally email me and answer questions on several occasions.

Real Reading vs. Really Not Reading — find out what to do if your students are fake reading. Download the free reading anchor charts and printables. Players gonna play. While visiting so many classrooms during guided reading, one thing is for sure. Read about my favorite reading resources for Spring and download the free Spring printables. Did Someone Say Spring? Spring is here teacher friends! Easy way to put students into partners with these free partner cards. Making Partners is Like Herding Cats Trying to get young students to partner up is kind of like herding cats. Get a list of 15 picture books to improve classroom behavior. Cheers to good student behavior! Last week I wrote a blog post that included professional books to help you with classroom management and student behavior.

VIDEO ON THEME: TpT Spring Teaching Freebies K-5
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