Older smartsource coupons

Older smartsource coupons

Older smartsource coupons

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This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Joy just shared this article warning about security problems with Java — and a rare US Department of Homeland Security warning to completely disable the software. You can turn it on long enough to print a coupon and then turn it back off, if you feel crafty.

Java is not the same as the unfortunately named JavaScript , which is… everywhere. Java 7 has never worked right for me with Target coupons, I would never be able to print from certain computers and it came down to that. A month or so back I looked into the Java issue and removed 7 and installed 6 without automatic updates and it prints.

Still a little wonky on the Target coupons, sometimes no expiration but sometimes it does… no one at Target has complained yet on those but it is hard for me to remember because they will not scan if they are expired. That I did find out. Thanks for the heads up on this. The Apple boards talk about it causing issues as well and recommend going back to 6.

Since I have done that I have had no problems printing. They print fine now except for the expiration date is missing. My older computer at the office with an older OS have had no troubles. So I print a copy of whatever Target ones I need from that and use for remembering expiration dates. This is defiantly a story worth keeping watch on and a good reminder to keep your software up to date.

Thank you. I disabled Java from my laptop, and only open a different browser for a few moments when I want to print coupons. But my son plays Minecraft on our desktop PC, and that requires Java to run. Does anyone have any advice for making it as safe as possible without banning all Minecraft play in our house? Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

You can also subscribe without commenting. Subscribe to the newsletter! Sign Up! And note Java is not the same as the unfortunately named JavaScript , which is… everywhere. Comments Java 7 has never worked right for me with Target coupons, I would never be able to print from certain computers and it came down to that. Not sure if this helps at all but just my story! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Popular Articles. Friend s Email. Message https:

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Often times, I see questions from people about printing coupons and the errors that they receive. This is a common problem and often times the fix is simply due to the version of Java that is installed on your computer. Simply complete an update and this can help. It should now print for you. As mentioned above, make sure to change the settings back when you are done printing. This is a really simple fix.

Digital Coupons

Login Tenants Owners. All applicants 18 and over must complete an application. Application must be completely filled out and signed. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Each person 18 years and older must pay an application fee prior to processing the rental application. Checks should be made payable to Chris Warren Realty.

Vintage Coupons

Limit of one coupon per item. Digital and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item. Void where restricted or prohibited, or if altered, reproduced, or transferred. Consumer is responsible for any applicable sales tax. Food City reserves the right to refuse coupons based on item availability, fraud or expiry as determined by the manufacturer or provider of the coupon. Log in or register and save more on your purchase with the Food City ValuCard and coupons. Your previous order is still pending fulfillment. Which means you still have time to add this item to your order; or you can start a new order. Limit one offer per transaction. You re within 25 miles of a GoCart Shopping Service location.

Smartsource Coupons Now In The Wall Street Journal!

While working last week, I had all five of my coupon inserts from Jan. I walked away for 30 seconds, a minute at the most, and it happened. My almost 2-year-old happened. When I walked back in the room pages were strewn everywhere. She was giggling, throwing pages in the air and dancing as they came down. I laughed, almost cried and then tried to figure out how to sort the mess out.

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Missed the first posts in this series? Read them here. If so, your next question is likely: Well, the obvious answer is that you can get coupons from your local Sunday paper. You see, there are dozens of ways to get coupons for free. In fact, I never pay for coupons. How do you get free coupons? Well, you just start thinking outside the box!

Sunday Coupon Preview 9/30/18

Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here. I did a little digging on this subject and found the information below to be helpful. Much of this stuff also applies to you PC users! Sometimes, by simply changing to a different browser, you can successfully print. Avoid using Internet Explorer because not all of the coupon applications support this browser. If you are unable to print coupons using Safari 5. A common printing issue for SmartSource coupons relates to the version of Java on your computer. Java is required in order to print SS coupons; make sure that you have the most current Java version installed.

August 2, at 3: Are you heading to Chuck E.

Whether you still read a traditional newspaper or use your smartphone for virtually everything, there are few excuses for not using coupons. Unless, of course, you enjoy paying more than necessary. Coupons can now be found in multiple forms accessible through various means, from newspapers to mobile apps. In fact, digital coupons are found in so many places that it can be hard to keep up. All are free. This website is perhaps the largest source of manufacturer coupons. The coupons can be printed out from the website, or accessed and redeemed via the Coupons. This site offers manufacturer coupons that can be printed or saved to a grocery-store loyalty card. This site offers manufacturer coupons that can be printed, accessed via app or redeemed via grocery-store loyalty card. Just to name a few, examples include the websites of:. Additionally, some giant corporations that own many brands offer coupons for all of their brands in one place. Many major retailers offer manufacturer coupons through their own websites. Many major retailers offer manufacturer coupons on their mobile apps. Examples include Kroger and Target. Let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

Shoppers Drug Mart: Rexall PharmaPlus: Lawton Drugs: Some exclusions apply. Manadrin Chinese Buffet: People of age 65 and over qualify. Imperial Buffet: Bulk Barn:

Katherine Cary. This is a simple question that has a less than simple answer: The issuer needs to still be in business, the product needs to still be available, and the coupon must have a valid barcode. So the Total cereal vintage coupon shown below with no barcode would be unlikely to be accepted in your grocery store. Just try to pay your bills with Confederate States of America currency! Manufacturers tell us that coupons are contracts, but unlike most simple contracts, coupons involve three parties: Even if the manufacturer might be willing to honor a coupon, a retailer can still refuse to accept it. Before UPC-based coupon barcodes in , retailers would have to sort coupons by hand in order to send them to the correct manufacturer. Your friendly store manager might accept one or two old Tide coupons without barcodes, but she knows that she has to absorb those costs in the customer goodwill column. Add to this the complication of brands that have changed ownership. Individual brands, brand families, and entire companies are sold or merged all the time, and the new owner is under no legal obligation to honor old coupons. Sometimes manufacturers honor coupons for some products but not for others. General Mills acquired Pillsbury in After the merger, General Mills retained many Pillsbury brands, markets them under the Pillsbury name, and honors all coupons for those products. You can match the numbers on a coupon with the old UPC barcode to the UPC code on products on store shelves to see if the coupon will still scan.

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