Google freebies

Google freebies

Google freebies

Registration is now open for the next free LEGO build event! On Thursday, April 18 , kids get to build a free Thor s Stormbreaker to take home. These monthly mini build events are open to children ages only and slots are limited, so you have to reserve a space before they run out. Now for the bad news. For some weird reason, LEGO recently changed how registration for these events work. You no longer can register online, but must register in-store first.

Today s Freebies And Free Samples

All the big companies are hosting developer conferences these days. Unfortunately, a well intentioned but misguided effort to get developers to like Android and other Google products is ruining it for the very people that most need to participate. Data comes into a computer through the keyboard, mouse, microphone, network, and other sources, and goes out through the screen, speakers, and so on. Google disseminates information to their 3rd party developers, and at the same time listens to what we have to say.

Each developer gets a chance to tell the company what they re doing right and what they re doing wrong. This worked great in the conference s first two years, but not so much since then. I attended the first conference in along with other developers to learn, and it was clear Google wanted to learn from us too.

Apple and Google were still friendly, and Sun was tolerant, if not outright supportive, of another vindication of their "Java everywhere" strategy. The feel was informal and relaxed, with no talk of lawyers and their lawsuits to stand between coders and the code they loved. HTML5 was the main focus, with Google pushing the envelope on what was possible inside a web browser. In an emotional moment, the better part of attendees jumped to their feet to give the Google Wave team a standing ovation for their technical achievement.

Although Wave later failed, the influence of the people, code, and ideas involved in Wave continue to be felt today. The low point of the conference though we didn t realize it at the time , was what was later called "Google s Oprah moment". In , Oprah surprised her studio audience by giving all of them a free car. Instead of a car, Google gave us all a free Android phone: I like to call it "the first Android phone that wasn t ugly".

While underpowered by today s standards, the Ion was a trackball-wielding curvaceous beauty. This was a genius move on Google s part, I thought. The PR and goodwill generated was enormous. And it did spark a great deal of interest in the Android platform. It wasn t until much later that I came to realize what a terrible mistake it was for the conference. Looking back, the first hint of trouble was plainly visible that first day: Not every attendee needed or wanted the phone.

What do you do with unwanted stuff? Sell it on eBay, of course. Auctions sprang up immediately, and since this phone was not yet available through normal channels, demand was high. After all, nobody knew about the freebies beforehand. Happy, but possibly repeatable. The vibe for next year s conference in was strange , because almost all the speculation leading up to the conference was not "what cool technology is Google introducing this time".

Instead, it was, "will they give out free hardware again". Sure enough, Google gave attendees a free Droid or Nexus One. Now the floodgates were open. Attendees got a tablet, a WiFI hotspot, a Chromebook, and depending on what talks you went to you could also get an accessory development toolkit ADK and more free phones from Samsung and others. I didn t sell any of it, because I wanted it and used it. But despite Google s repeated attempts to discourage reselling, many did it anyway.

Look at what happened to registrations: After the conference, attendees could be pretty much guaranteed valuable swag that would offset much of, or sometimes more than their registration fee. In the conference sold out in 50 minutes. So what did Google do? Give away even more. The result was predictable:. Shortly before 7am Pacific time, March 27, , I was in contact with at least a dozen other people patiently waiting to get their tickets.

We were all sitting on the registration page where tickets would be sold, hitting refresh every few seconds. Tickets are not available yet. No, still not there. Not yet. Finally as the countdown went to zero, we refreshed one more time. Nothing happened. The seconds dragged on, and everybody was thinking, should we let it process or press refresh again?

Seconds turned into minutes. How did you do it, everybody wanted to know? He had 6 windows up and was pressing refresh in all of them. A collective "Doh! Somewhere in the Googleplex, already strained servers were hit with double, triple, or quadruple the traffic. Finally, something gave way. In a new window, academic tickets now showed as sold out.

A few minutes later, it said all tickets everywhere were sold out. Most of those refreshed windows never came back at all, and others reported various kinds of failure. But it was over. When the dust settled, almost nobody I knew had gotten a ticket. Google says it took 20 minutes for the tickets to sell out, but as far as I can tell, most of that was processing the backlog from requests made in the first few seconds. The only reason I got one is because I managed to get in later as a member of the press.

This year, the company I work for at my day job is sending over a dozen developers to WWDC, the Apple developer s conference. But we send people because they need to go. They need the information and the knowledge that Apple gives out much more than they need a free phone. We also wanted and needed to send people to the Google developer s conference. But we couldn t: The truth is that these developer conferences are about indoctrination as much as they are about information.

Indoctrination and propaganda is not inherently evil. A few years ago I remember going into a Microsoft PDC feeling almost hostile towards Microsoft, and coming out with a positiive feeling about their goals and products. It was good for me, and helped open my mind and broaden my horizons. It made me more enthusiastic and energetic about what I was doing. These things have be taken in moderation, though, and balanced with competing messages.

If all you hear is Apple, Apple, Apple, then it s only natural that you re going to believe Apple has all the answers. The same goes for Microsoft or anyone else. I had hoped that this year we could get some folks enthused about Google and Android instead of iPad and Windows 8. But that s not going to happen. In my opinion, the reason the conference sold out so fast, and the reason that so many developers who need to be there cannot go, is because a significant number of people just want the freebies.

Even if they don t sell them for profit, they will have gotten some cool gadgets that nobody else can get, for next to nothing. I m not saying that everyone who snagged a ticket on March 27th falls into that category. Or even that the majority does. But there s no doubt in my mind that without the promise of free goodies, the tickets would have been much easier to get for those who are truly deserving.

Without realizing it, Google s generousity is keeping the very people they need to attract and, yes, indoctrinate at arm s length. Go ahead and give out the tablets or whatever one more time, then rein it in. Announce your intent ahead of time, and make everyone understand. It was fun while it lasted. Now it s time to get to work. So long, fellow travelers. BlackBerry 10 announced. Buying guide: Nexus 7.

How is Microsoft s Chromium-based Edge really different from Chrome? Microsoft is removing or replacing more than 50 Chromium services in building its new Chromium-based Edge browser, besides working to provide some unique value-add not found in Android Q: Release date, Bubbles, developer features, and everything we know so far. We don t have a name yet, but we do know quite a bit about the next version of Android. Chromium-based Edge: Hands on with Microsoft s new browser. The first public preview of Microsoft s replacement for its Edge browser is now available.


Prime is a UI framework for Sketch that may come in handy when you need to create a full-fledged Design System at the speed of light. Noah is a geometric sans-serif font designed by Fontfabric and suitable for a wide range of typographic purposes. Core is a front-end feature UI kit for React that comes with a builder for designing a page in minutes. Hoop Jones designed 6 beautiful desktop screens for a signup flow to onboard users in step-by-step process.

Discussions on computers, gadgets, phones, tablets, and software can remain in their respective subreddits. Head on over to the wiki for other information.

The way of the world has changed so much and cutting coupons from a magazine, getting freebies from websites delivered to your door or using apps to get free food is no longer the normal way of living. Now we now getting used to new tech and can ask for things instead of having to tap what we want on a keyboard. Also, you will need to give them your date of birth. You will only be able to get alcohol-related items if you are over While the free promotions run for a certain amount of time, they have a set number of free samples they can give out.

Microsoft, Google sweeten cloud freebies

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Google Play Freebies |OT| Because We re All Cheap Bastards in America (Sorry EuroERA)

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What are freebies?

What s New? Chromecast 2. The aptly named Chromecast 2. What s new? Read More , you become eligible for several free offers from Google.

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From the Chrome Unboxed team, great choice and we hope you or the intended recipient are overjoyed with your new Chrome OS device. When the time comes to take the wrapping of your Chromebook, Google has some freebies for you and your new hardware. As usual, you can redeem GB of Google Drive storage with your new device if you meet the criteria. Currently, the Chromebook Offers page states that the free storage offer will end November 30th, I would expect that to be updated come Friday but if you already have your device in hand, no sense in missing out in case that changes. If you are one of those lucky shoppers who have a Pixel Slate on the way, Google is offering 30 days of Showtime for new subscribers. Pixelbook owners can snag this one as well but you must redeem before January 19th, Plenty of time to recover from your holiday. For Chromebooks in general, Google has brought back the exclusive pack for the popular Asphalt racing franchise.

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Chromebook Offers are usually small, free gifts for Chromebook users that rotate in and out alongside the ever-present GB of free Drive storage. While my daughter loves getting these types of freebies, many Chromebook users simply forget or completely ignore the Chromebook Offers page. I tend to look past the fact that the offers page even exists most days and I rarely end up swinging by to check out the latest goodies on offer from Google. Through a series of events today looking for deals on Chromebooks, Gabriel ended up on the Chromebook Offers page and found a few deals that seemed better than the fare that is normally present. After leveraging the codes provided and installing the apps currently being featured, it became quite clear that we needed to share this immediately. Sure, there are two exclusive Roblox add-ons alongside the Google Drive storage offer, but the other three offers are not only great deals: These are 3 different apps for different tasks, but they all share one thing in common: We quickly tested each app and the pen input on two of them is responsive, lag-free, and pressure sensitive. The other exhibits a bit of lag, but is still quite usable.

A before-after slider seemed to be a good solution here.

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Microsoft and Google each this week increased incentives offered for joining their cloud platforms, highlighting the aggressive nature of this battle for market share. In the IaaS market all the big providers have free service tiers that allow customers to test their products before paying for them. The expanded freebies announced this week by these vendors goes beyond that though. Microsoft announced free support upgrades on Tuesday. Any customer who buys Azure Services through an Enterprise Agreement EA between May 1 of this year and June 30 of next year will receive a free support upgrade. Customers who do not choose to buy support as part of their EA will get free standard support, which includes unlimited technical assistance for subscription management and break-fix issues. Customers who buy standard support will get a free upgrade to Professional Direct support, a higher level offering that includes faster initial response, escalation of high priority issues, plus monitoring of business critical issues. At the same time, Google announced an expansion of its offer to give away Google Apps for free to any customer who currently has an EA with another vendor. Google launched the offer last fall to customers with between and 3, users. This week, Google extended the offer to any customer between and 3, users.

All the big companies are hosting developer conferences these days. Unfortunately, a well intentioned but misguided effort to get developers to like Android and other Google products is ruining it for the very people that most need to participate. Data comes into a computer through the keyboard, mouse, microphone, network, and other sources, and goes out through the screen, speakers, and so on. Google disseminates information to their 3rd party developers, and at the same time listens to what we have to say. Each developer gets a chance to tell the company what they re doing right and what they re doing wrong. This worked great in the conference s first two years, but not so much since then.

There is just something about saving money that really gets the blood pumping. So what could be better than an awesome discount? Free stuff, of course. Put that credit card away and check out our tips on how to get free stuff on Amazon to help you on your frugal journey. Have you ever heard of Amazon Vine? The Vine program that gives consumers free stuff as a reward for an honest review of the products. Amazon Vine is by invitation only, however. You can get noticed by the right people by getting a reputation on your Amazon profile as someone who writes honest and fair in-depth product reviews. Getting free stuff online could just be a few reviews or helpful votes away. What is Amazon Vine? These boxes have everything from free food, new products, product samples, and many other goodies. This offer has a limit of one of each sample per customer, but the are continuously updated year-round with new free boxes. Get them for free. Luckily, Amazon has a variety of free Kindle ebooks available online.

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